Imperfection is beautiful

Just a quick read about why we select stones mostly with inclusions.

Traditionally in the gemstone business stones with inclusions are considered flawed. The miners get a premium price only for the highest quality of gemstones mined. This means buyers are usually only interested in a minimal part of their findings leaving artisan miners with a great deal of ‘stock’ which they have to find a buyer for or for which they get a fraction of the price.

By buying and seeing the beauty made by Mother Earth in these so called imperfections (in these gemstones) the miners get an increased demand for the stones they could traditionally not sell easily. To help them better better wages, prices for their findings we do want exactly these stones.

Inclusions are incredible to look at, the actually make a stone look real and alive. It is a pieces of history stored within them. They are the traces of their provenance! Gemstones are mostly found attached to another piece of stone, this is called the mother stone. To us, inclusions are the proof that the stone is real, it is intriguing and we see it as something that makes a piece unique.

We know this might seem like a minor contribution to changing this part of the industry but we believe staying true to our intention to make ethical jewelry, will make that small difference needed to push the industry to a more ethical and transparent level.


Mining footprint

Mining has always been quite a dirty business, not only the working conditions, corruption and the compensation but also the environmental footprint it has left behind in most countries where gemstones are found.

There are different kinds of mining, most people think of coal mines when they think of mining. But many stones are found just beneath the surface or in a superficial ‘nerve’ crossing the land. Especially the first kinds leaves behind a mine field full of potholes making the land unsuitable for agricultural use as seen in the picture below.


Our mission is to create ethical jewelry by only using stones which have a minimal environmental impact. This is a bottle neck as most stones are mined in third world countries where the environment is the least of their worries. International NGO’s have been trying to educate artisanal miners but as you can imagine this is only in its initial stage and still has a long way to go.
Basically it is complicated. We want to give back by buying ethical stones from preferably countries where they need the income to most but on the other hand these countries usually have the least regulations. Our goal is to give back in several ways one of them being by contributing to certain local initiatives which restore the land. As you can imagine this is also not a top priority when for example eduction is also lagging behind but it is doable.
We believe we can make a difference regarding the mining either by buying ethically mined stones or by contributing to the restoration of land. Baby steps but to us this is the only way to go.