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Our packaging

We have a clear view on what we stand for. This includes our eco friendly packaging choices.  All the carton and paper we use is recycled, unbleached kraft and FSC certified.  As to our knowledge most of the wrapping is thrown away almost immediately after purchase, we decided to go very minimal.  We opted for a clean, natural, unbleached box and not much more. Using recycled materials stops waste going to landfill as well as saving vast amounts of water and a surprisingly large amount of oil. Recycling 1 tonne of cardboard saves us around 9 cubic meters of landfill space, 2600 litres of water and 175 litres of oil. And, 100% recyclable after.  Inside the box our ethically made bracelets are protected by a smallRead more..

Ethically mined gemstones- How we see it

Our jewelry is all about beauty inside and out. We don’t design status pieces, we design statement pieces. Simple, understated luxury. Pure, clean, beautiful…    Ethical gemstones are central to our designs. The beauty they add to any piece of jewelry is undeniable, but we believe there’s much more to it than that. These ‘fair trade’ gemstones bring a story, an energy and a magic that is felt by those who choose to wear them. So the source of our precious stones is one of our most important considerations, and just one more reason behind our commitment to being an ethical jewelry brand. To us, it’s vital our ethical gemstones are beautiful inside, as well as out, and for that, we need to know exactlyRead more..

Why we chose to use Recycled gold and not Fairtrade

Maqé jewelry is all about purity, nature… realness. It’s inspired by the beauty of the world in which we live, and of the people living in it. Yet, we are well aware that the jewelry industry is, sadly, known to be one of the world’s tarnished.   Our mission at Maqé is therefore not only to create beautiful jewelry, but to make ethical, sustainable jewelry – honoring the very world from which it has been inspired – and using 100% recycled metal in our designs is one of the core decisions we’ve made in order to support this mission.   So, why recycled gold? Well, we’ll be very honest here; we are still trudging through the muddy waters of gem and gold mining, trying toRead more..

Our personal story

The short version! I have always found inspiration when traveling… When the kids were young we had the chance to move to Bali for a year. The Green School was something I wanted them to experience The diversity of incredible handcrafted artifacts I was surrounded by everyday was overwhelming. Years later when we moved to Ibiza for a year I met my partner in crime Karjan. After several drinks we soon discovered we had the same passion for creating something new, beautiful yet ethical, something close to our hearts. The idea of MAQÉ was born, an ethical jewelry brand,  yet we had no idea of the adventure and learning curve lying ahead of us. We now are proud to be able to say that weRead more..

We embrace the ‘imperfection’

Just a quick read about why we prefer ethical gemstones with inclusions. Traditionally in the gemstone business stones with inclusions are considered flawed. The miners get a premium price only for the highest quality of gemstones mined. This means buyers are usually only interested in a minimal part of their findings leaving artisan miners with a great deal of ‘stock’ which they have to find a buyer for or for which they get a fraction of the price. By buying and seeing the beauty made by Mother Earth in these so called imperfections (inclusions) the miners get an increased demand for the stones they could traditionally not sell easily. To help them obtain better better wages, prices for their findings we do want exactly theseRead more..

Mining footprint

Mining has always been quite a dirty business, not only the working conditions, corruption and the compensation but also the environmental footprint it has left behind in most countries where gemstones are found. There are different kinds of mining, most people think of coal mines when they think of mining. But many stones are found just beneath the surface or in a superficial ‘nerve’ crossing the land. Especially the first kinds leaves behind a mine field full of potholes making the land unsuitable for agricultural use as seen in the picture below.   Our mission is to create ethical jewelry by only using stones which have a minimal environmental impact. This is a bottle neck as most stones are mined in third world countries whereRead more..