Our personal story

The short version!

I have always found inspiration when traveling… When the kids were young we had the chance to move to Bali for a year. The Green School was something I wanted them to experience https://www.greenschool.org The diversity of incredible handcrafted artifacts I was surrounded by everyday was overwhelming. Years later when we moved to Ibiza for a year I met my partner in crime Karjan.

After several drinks we soon discovered we had the same passion for creating something new, beautiful yet ethical, something close to our hearts. The idea of MAQÉ was born, an ethical jewelry brand,  yet we had no idea of the adventure and learning curve lying ahead of us.

We now are proud to be able to say that we have found more than one reliable ethical gemstone supplier and a fantastic contact who helps us with the production of our ethical jewelry brand. But above all, we could not have managed without our dear friends, contacts and network to bring this idea to life.

Grateful for all the experiences up till now but even more excited of what is still to come…