Introducing: MAQÉ, an ethically produced postcool jewelry brand that is
contributing to a new and better standard, one gemstone at a time. In an industry that is marked by conspicuous consumption, pristine looking stones and dirty mining practices, MAQÉ delves deeper and goes in search of hidden gems.

We don’t care much for status symbols. Instead we design statement pieces.
Daily and durable wearables, set in recycled gold, platinum or silver adorned with responsibly mined precious and semi-precious stones.

Our postcool jewelry honors the genuine, the unpretentious. Postcool is the opposite of trendiness, it celebrates timelessness. Postcool is about making individual, but ethically conscious choices.

The True North collection

Our maiden collection, titled True North, marries two seemingly contrasting worlds into one beautiful design. Choosing your own path in life : it is more difficult, yet more important than ever before. Learn to trust your inner compass and follow your own path, that is your True North.

Wear these bold bracelets wherever you go, take them with you on your adventures. They are made to be worn as a personal understated treasure around your wrist

Every gemstone we use, holds its own intangible energy and power.  By-literally-being armed with this energy, we encourage you to find a new balance and an energy that has been hidden inside of you all along.

Consider our jewellery a compass, a light to guide you: Your own True North.

Our signature stone cuts

At MAQÉ, we already make sure that every single piece has its own beautiful story to tell. But in light of so many gemstones looking exactly the same, we wanted to add another layer of uniqueness to our brand.

Continuing on our view of minimalist luxury, we decided to design our very own stone cuts. By this, we not only ensure that our gemstones get that special MAQÉ-look, they are also absolutely one of a kind and completely unique from every other stone in the jewelry industry. After we buy the raw gemstones straight from the source, our very skilled cutters transform them in one of our two magnificent cuts. Both cuts have their own special story:

The Dôme: heavenly secrets and magic connections
Our special Dôme stone cut has a symbolic association with the sky, associated with the connection with the heavens. Everything in this world is related. When we pay attention, the magic is found in the connection between the above and earthly matters.

The M’goun: rough and sophisticated all in one
The M’goun massif that inspired this cut lies between Morocco’s central plateau and the dunes of the Sahara desert. It is considered sacred and symbolizes the contrasts in life; cliffs and deep ridges. It is also the symbol for fertility as this mountain provides the water needed for the dades valley below. New beginnings, new life…


Our artisan jewelry team consists of professional stone cutters, macramé weavers, goldsmiths and gemstone experts. We source our ethical gemstones from different corners from around the world. Once we have purchased these gemstones our experts dubble check the exact condition and informs the stone cutter of his findings. Each rough gemstone is then locally re-cut into our signature MAQÉ cut. A goldsmith then sets each stone in a handcrafted recycled 18k gold setting making slight necessary adjustments if needed to ensure the fit is perfect. The set stones are then placed and fastened on a macramé bracelet which has been woven by local macramé artisans.


We have a clear view on what we stand for. This includes our eco friendly packaging choices. All the carton and paper we use is recycled, unbleached kraft and FSC certified. As to our knowledge most of the wrapping is thrown away almost immediately after purchase, we decided to go very minimal.  We opted for a clean, natural, unbleached box and not much more.

Using recycled materials stops waste going to landfill as well as saving vast amounts of water and a surprisingly large amount of oil. Recycling 1 tonne of cardboard saves us around 9 cubic meters of landfill space, 2600 litres of water and 175 litres of oil. And, 100% recyclable after.

 Inside the box our pieces are protected by a small envelop pouch made of vegan leather.  Piñatex is an innovative natural textile made from pineapple leaf fibre. The leaves are a byproduct of existing agriculture and their use creates an additional income stream for farming communities. It is a natural, sustainably sourced, cruelty free material. It has low environmental impact, high social responsibility.

All in all we thrive to make an eco look accepted even for a high end brand. We believe we are all aware of the changes needed to make our world a more sustainable one and that these small commitments will make a difference.

Karjan Vloon & Kim Lenders