Hotelier Pierre Traversier

We met Pierre on Ibiza, hard not to miss as he is quite a character! Together with his love Roos he opened the stylish and funky hotel in the northern part of the island; Los Enamorados.

He is a man who love adorning himself with simply ‘a lot’ of cool pieces. It all comes together is a very distinct style for which he is more than known.

As we will ask all of our ambassadors, here is his view on life!


What is your biggest mileSTONE so far?

I’m a dreamer first of all….
I like to surround myself with people who understands my philosophy of living and lifestyle and I really enjoy this experience of hotelier and restaurateur.
The diversity of people, the expressions of those people when they feel what I feel is for me the best achievement I can have. So Los Enamorados it is…

Who is your rock in life?

My Rock it’s my CULTURE  in my country origins Martinique the most important things ARE the music, the sharing, the generosity, and the humour…

What defines your inner compass?

My senses are really sharp and all of them are basically without hesitation FEELINGS. This is what leads me 24/7.

Mr. Pierre, you are inspirational,

xxx Kim & Karjan