Cynthia van Oyen – Interior Designer

Although her background is in fashion and managing Amsterdam’s hottest nightclub, profesionally Cynthia ended up at her True North: interior design. 10 years ago she and her 3 year old son James left Amsterdam city life behind to move to the magical island of Ibiza. After years of working remotely in their nightlife empire, she felt it was time for her to follow her heart. Because building laws are very restrictive on the island, she developed a way to avoid them by designing and building dreamy, ecological treehouses in a style that blend into the beautiful landscape. By mastering the process from A to Z she noticed that the last part, furnishing her treehouses for high-end clients was her favourite part and what she was best at. And so it went. Cynthia is now a full time interior designer with all her heart. Her eclectic style which combines a soft bohemian feel with vintage design classics is a winning concept. We were more than thrilled when this super stylish powerhouse chose a MAQÉ bracelet as a birthday gift from her friends.

– What is your biggest mileSTONE in life (biggest achievement, thing your most proud of)?

My biggest achievement isn’t work related, but is that I followed my heart 10 years ago and live my dream on my beloved Island, Ibiza.

– Who is your ‘rock’ (most important person in your life)?

My Rock is Casper, my partner and best friend for 16 years. Casper really has a great passion for his work and due to the situation nowadays still  a positive in mind.

– What defines your inner compass?

I know I have to follow my path, walk the dots. Live in the now, don’t think to much about past and future, have trust and be grateful.

Thank you Cynthia, you rock;-)