Born from a deeper passion for gemstones, a bohemian background and a belief that we can make a difference we created MAQÉ. Wear these bold bracelets wherever you go, take them with you on your adventures… They are made to be worn as a personal understated treasure around your wrist.

Be a free-spirit and listen to your own instincts as they are the only thing that
will take you to your own sweet spot!

Our maiden collection, titled True North, marries two seemingly contrasting worlds into one beautiful design. Choosing your own path in life: it is more difficult, yet more important, than ever before. Try as you might but chasing wealth or status symbols doesn’t help to fill the void. So dare to look beyond the carefully constructed smokescreens and instead listen to that oft neglected inner voice. Learn to trust your inner compass and follow your own path,
that is your True North.

The gemstones we use are not unlike people in that each has its own story to tell,
and holds it’s own intangible energy and power. By -literally- being armed with
this energy, we encourage you to find a new balance and an
energy that has been hidden inside of you all along.

Consider our jewelry a compass,
a light to guide you:

your own True North.