Designer Richard van Os

Richard has made design his career, he is a executive creative director in the field of branding and interior design.

Richard has a very distinctive and progressive style.



What is your biggest mileSTONE so far? 

I am proud that at a certain point I made a conscious choice for friendship – as opposed to chasing after success. I mean loving people, and being loved. I’ve a dozen really good new friends who have actually been with me for decades.


Who is your ‘rock’?

It’s a real cliché, but having children and being a father gives a real and solid direction in life. Their unconditional love just melts away your ego. I relish in their openness, their take on life, their creativity. I also have huge respect for artists, people who view everything in a different way, from their sense of wonder. 


What defines your inner compass?

Loving myself: there is no way any achievement can de fulfilling, if you aren’t happy with yourself. It takes some courage to really not care what others think, and throw away all the shame. Once you have broken through your own walls, nothing has changed on the outside, but you experience such inner happiness.


Thank you Richard!

xxx Kim & Karjan