Every gemstone is unique – and this is how we do it

Is there anything more inspiring than observing how nature creates the most wonderful objects all by itself? Gemstones are the perfect example of the breathtaking power our world has to make unique creations. All natural, they are an artwork on themselves, and our goal with MAQÉ has always been to preserve their natural beauty and minimalist luxury.

Minimalist luxury and gemstones
It is a common practice for jewelers in the industry to buy large amounts of gemstones that have gone through multiple processes already. Due to their traditional pre-cutting in India or other countries they are easy to use, but most of all – they are all exactly the same. This mass production leaves no (or little) room for the unique inclusions that every gemstone has, making it impossible to distinguish one from the other based on its personal details. And it is precisely this personal aspects that fit so perfectly with our view of minimalist luxury, and that gives every diverse gemstone their own character.

Our stone cuts
At MAQÉ, we already make sure that every single piece of our ethical jewelry has its own beautiful story to tell. But in light of so many gemstones being exactly the same, we wanted to add another layer of specialness to our brand. Continuing on our view of minimalist luxury, we decided to design our very own stone cuts. By this, we not only ensure that our gemstones get that special MAQÉ-look, they are also absolutely one of a kind and completely unique from every other stone in the jewelry industry. After we buy the raw gemstones straight from the source, we use one of our two main stone cuts to form the perfect shape for our ethical bracelets. Both cuts have their own special story.

The Dome: heavenly secrets and magic connections
Our special Dôme stone cut has a symbolic association with the sky, associated with the connection with the heavens. Everything in this world is related. When we pay attention, the magic is found in the connection between the above and earthly matters.

The M’goun: rough and sophisticated all in one
The M’goun massif that inspired this cut lies between Morocco’s central plateau and the dunes of the Sahara desert. It is considered sacred and symbolizes the contrasts in life; cliffs and deep ridges. It is also the symbol for fertility as this mountain provides the water needed for the dades valley below. New beginnings, new life…