Why ethical jewelry matters

When shopping for clothes it’s already become very natural to consider the ethics of the product you’re looking at: what materials were used, where was it made and how did it get to me? Sustainability has gained an important focus in fashion, especially after the collapse of a factory in Bangladesh in 2013 marked a turning point in how we perceive the industry. But now that we’ve got the items in our closet sorted, what about our jewelry box? This is where ethical jewelry comes into the picture, and with that, so does MAQÉ.


Ethical jewelry by MAQÉ

At MAQÉ we make conscious choices. And we stimulate you to do so as well. Are you wondering what is in fact dangling around your wrist when you buy new jewelry? We understand that – and we’ve got good news. It’s much easier to shop for ethical jewelry than for ethical fashion, because jewelry is already a product for which you tend to be more selective in your choices. You take your time, carefully consider your options and make a well-advised decision. By adding some sustainable elements to this already thoughtful process, delving deeper and going beyond just the elements that are on the surface, you’ll be on your way to your new ethical bracelet.


Sustainable choices for ethical jewelry

These sustainable elements are, however, not always clear with ethically made jewelry. What is the story that each gemstone has to tell, what did it endure before it reaches you? At MAQÉ, we are very open about obtaining our gemstones and gold in the most sustainable way possible: we know the story of every single stone and can’t wait to tell it to you, so you can bring it on it’s next adventure. For our ethical bracelets, we love to recycle stones that already have been loved before, but we also buy ethically mined gemstones directly from the artisanal mines that have good working conditions and fair pay, helping their developing communities thrive. To make the circle complete, we also give back to mining communities via Gem Legacy.


We know it’s not easy finding your way through all the available ethical jewelry brands. The definition of ethically made jewelry is, in fact, not quite uniform. What matters to us, however, is beauty from inside and outside. Our post cool ethical jewelry is not only designed to make you look your best, but also to do minimal harm to the environment and to enable you to make sustainable choices without compromising in any way – and thereby embracing that beauty within.