Our packaging

We have a clear view on what we stand for. This includes our eco friendly packaging choices. 

All the carton and paper we use is recycled, unbleached kraft and FSC certified. 
As to our knowledge most of the wrapping is thrown away almost immediately after purchase, we decided to go very minimal.  We opted for a clean, natural, unbleached box and not much more. Using recycled materials stops waste going to landfill as well as saving vast amounts of water and a surprisingly large amount of oil. Recycling 1 tonne of cardboard saves us around 9 cubic meters of landfill space, 2600 litres of water and 175 litres of oil. And, 100% recyclable after. 
Inside the box our ethically made bracelets are protected by a small envelop pouch made of vegan leather.  Piñatex is an innovative natural textile made from pineapple leaf fibre. The leaves are a byproduct of existing agriculture and their use creates an additional income stream for farming communities. It is a natural, sustainably sourced, cruelty free material. It has low environmental impact, high social responsibility.  https://www.ananas-anam.com/. More and more major brands  have started using this eco friendly option instead of animal leather. Both Puma and Adidas made certain sneakers from Piñatex vegan leather and Chanel recently presented their golden Piñatex boat hat.
All in all we thrive to make an eco look accepted even for a high end brand. We believe we are all aware of the changes needed to make our world a more sustainable one and that these small commitments will make a difference.