Don’t be fooled by outward appearances: it’s what’s inside that counts.

The good stuff can be found inside. Hidden either deep beneath or lying
just below the surface, patiently waiting to be discovered.

Introducing: MAQÉ, an new ethically produced postcool jewelry brand that is contributing to a new and better standard, one gemstone at a time. In an industry that is marked by conspicuous consumption, pristine looking stones and dirty mining practices, MAQÉ delves deeper and goes in search of hidden gems.

Gemstones have been formed deep inside the earth for thousands of years. Each stone has a unique story to tell, as well as its own intangible, almost mystical, energy. The stone’s power is just waiting to be unlocked by whoever chooses to wear it.

We don’t care much for status symbols. Instead we design statement pieces.
Daily and durable wearables, set in recycled gold or platinum and adorned
with responsibly mined precious and semi-precious stones.

Our postcool jewelry honors the genuine, the unpretentious. Postcool is the opposite of trendiness, it celebrates timelessness. Postcool is about making individual, but ethically conscious choices.

MAQÉ: ethical postcool jewelry