The Lucky Merchant – preloved citrine- mini black

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Unfortunately for you this item has been very popular lately and we ran out of stock. It is probably in the process of being made but to secure your piece you can pre-order. In some cases we only make new pieces when ordered to avoid excess stock.
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  • 6 mm wide black macramé band with circumference of 170mm and smaller closing option at 160mm
  • 1 honey coloured citrine stone with a total of 0.96 carats (hand crafted so varies slightly per piece)
  • the colors of the band is : black
  • a total of 1.4 grams recycled 18k yellow gold  (hand crafted so varies slightly per piece)
  • the stone is set in a  faceted solid 18k yellow gold case
  • solid recycled gold button lock with MAQÉ logo
The proven recipe of simplicity, great craftsmanship and a little bit of lustre. The black macramé band emphasizes the outstanding beauty of the citrine stone, its warm honey color remind of endless tropical sunsets. The splendour of the stone, its magnificent cut and the fine faceted golden setting make this bracelet truly exceptional. The Lucky Merchant is easy to stack and combine with any yellow gold jewelry. Please note that our gemstones are natural, untreated and unheated and colours will slightly vary. We work hard to always select the special ones that catch the eye and warm the heart.
Citrine is known for attracting wealth, prosperity and success. Throughout history it and in many different cultures it has been known as the Merchant Stone, for bringing good luck in business. It is believed that citrine keeps bad things away from your life, it raises self-esteem and self-confidence and is the bringer of joy and abundance. Citrine promotes motivation, intellect and creativity.