Into the woods – link bracelet

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This bracelet is an ode to Africa, an ode to her wild lands, wild life, rich traditions and beautiful people. Handcrafted with 18k recycled yellow gold and sustainable African Blackwood. A striking bracelet due to these natural wooden pieces which are connected by sturdy 18k gold links. Powerful yet elegant. This piece has a length of 170mm which is our standard (female) size, please contact us for bespoke models.
African Blackwood is considered to be among the hardest and densest of woods in the world. It's prized for its density and fine grain and is naturally oily. This all contributes to its being one of the worlds best turnery woods. Beacause of its melodious tone it is a natural for quality woodwind instruments like clarinets. All this results in the wood being in the top 5 most expensive woods in the world. Our fairtrade wood comes from a conservation project in Tanzania and is fully fsc certified.