Galore Ring

Green Sapphire -18k yellow gold

4.995,00 free shipping in worldwide
  • Australian green Sapphire
  • Recycled 18k yellow gold 8.17 grams
  • Details green Sapphire 1.26 carats
  • Sapphire has a golden look due to setting
  • Ring size 55mm European size - 7 1/4 US size
  • Tumbling gold finish
  • Contact us for details, delivery times and custom made sizes
The 18k yellow gold MAQÉ Galore ring was inspired by life itself. All facets of life; some are bright and golden, some are more challenging or simply present. The ethically mined Australian sapphire features represent the windows of opportunity to choose a different path. Wear this ring knowing all of these facets are part of our journey. As an ode to your strength and wisdom, embracing and trusting the proces.
Sapphire has always been a symbol for power and strength, and its green variety also for kindness and wise judgement. It's believed to bring the wisdom of fidelity and integrity into one's life and the appreciation of loyalty and trust. We buy our sapphires directly from the source in Queensland, Australia.