Divinity ‘Bar’ necklace Tiger Eye

2.850,00 free shipping in worldwide
  • Tiger Eye 12.2 carat
  • Center piece 18k gold 5.53 gr
  • white enamel triangles
  • 18k gold necklace 4.3 gr
  • Length necklace 43.5 cm without center piece
The new 'BAR' necklace concept! We have created a new line in which you can mix and match your own personal necklace. The 18k gold chain has locks on both sides so that you can wear any gemstone as a part of your outfit. The 18k yellow gold necklace comes in 2 varieties, medium and small, this is the smaller, thinner version. The bar contains a stunning brown shaded gemstone of 12.2 carats, a warm brown color that can be worn with just about anything. The 18k yellow gold center piece has white enamel triangles which should be worn pointing downwards. Triangles pointing downwards have been used in various ancient societies as a symbol of the divine feminine energy. More gemstones coming soon!