Blue sapphire & clear quartz triangle

3.495,00 free shipping in worldwide
  • Necklace length 45cm
  • 2,080 carat gemstone
  • 3,70 gram 18k yellow gold
  • Australian blue sapphire
This necklace has a faceted clear quartz clear crystal set in the middle and surrounded by ethically sourced Australian blue sapphire. Set in 18k yellow gold. The downward pointing triangle is a symbol for the divine feminine energy that the world needs more of! Not only comforting and warm but also highly intuitive and powerful when used to change things.
Blue sapphire is the stone of prosperity and is believed to enhance personal and spiritual growth. It increases intuition, mental clarity and spiritual power and is referred to as 'The Stone of Wisdom'. The perfect companion on your explorations of the True North. Our blue sapphire is sourced from Queensland in Australia and is 100% natural (unheated and untreated).