Divinity ‘Beads’ necklace Aquaprase

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  • Total rose gold weight 3.22 gram
  • Adjustable necklace lengths of 37, 40 and 43 cm
  • 3.05ct green Aquaprase
  • White enamel triangle details on the 2 hexagon gold beads
  • Diamond in the lock of 0.25ct
This Aquaprase Divinity necklace is a beauty! With 3 hexagon Aquaprase beads and 2 rose gold (18k) beads. The beads are adorned with enamel triangles; the triangle being the symbol for femininity when worn pointing down.
Aquaprase belongs to the family of chalcedony. This stone is believed to soothe and restore one's balance. It has a positive influence on balancing one's mind and inner voice so to create a clear vision as to which path to follow. This path is often only taken by the brave as it requires courage to take the road less travelled... Aquaprase is sourced from a mine in Southern Africa. The exact location is being kept a secret as they want to prevent a 'gold rush' which would have huge implications for the local community and environment. Aquaprase is unheated and untreated; the color is 100% natural.