Divinity ‘Beads’ necklace Green Onyx

1.995,00 free shipping in worldwide
  • Green onyx 3.06ct
  • 18k yellow gold weight 3.42gr
  • 3 hexagon green onyx beads
  • Necklace adjustable lengths 37, 40 and 43 cm
  • Diamond in the lock of 0.25ct
  • Black enamel triangle details in the 2 hexagon beads
Made in 18k rose gold this necklace can just about be worn anyway & all day... The 3 hexagon green onyx beads sit between 2 hexagon gold beads with black enamel triangles pointing downwards. The downward triangle symbolizes the divine femininity as well as the symbolic number 3 (onyx beads).
Green Onyx is associated with the planet Mercury, which is known to represent intelligence, elevated brain power, and enhanced memory. It is meant for anyone who wants to speak truth from the heart. This mineral opens up and actives the heart, in alignment to the brain, producing honesty and powerful realizations.