Divinity ‘Beads’ necklace Pink Opal

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  • Pink opal 3.06ct
  • Rose gold weight 3.42gr
  • 3 hexagon pink opal beads
  • Necklace adjustable lengths 37, 40 and 43 cm
  • Diamond in the lock of 0.25ct
  • White enamel triangle details in the 2 hexagon beads
Made in 18k rose gold this necklace can just about be worn anyway & all day... The 3 hexagon pink opal beads sit between 2 hexagon gold beads with white enamel triangles pointing downwards. The downward triangle symbolizes the divine femininity as well as the symbolic number 3 (onyx beads).
Inner strength, focused attention, willpower, self-mastery, discipline, reason are all attributes which are given to pink opal. As cute as it may look, pink onyx is all about 'self'. This is a pink quartz crystal that also has a strong pull on love, and its energy is well known for its action to stimulate romance in your life. We source our pink opal from India.