The Protector 15mm – jungle nights blend

Black nephrite - 18k yellow gold- Mgoun cut - gem lock

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  • 15 mm wide  macramé band with circumference of 200mm and smaller option of 190mm
  • jungle nights inspired macramé : olive green, midmight blue, and black
  • 4  black nephrite (jade)  stones with a total of 3.3 carats (hand crafted so varies slightly per piece)
  • unique signature cut : Mgoun cut
  • a total of approx 4.2 gr recycled 18k yellow gold (hand crafted so varies slightly per piece):
  • the stones are set in a smooth (non faceted) recycled 18k yellow gold
  • solid recycled 18kt yellow gold  button lock with black nephrite stone
No words needed, this bracelet is everything! Black nephrite (jade) in 18k gold, on an olive green, midnight blue and black band might sound dicey, but works beyond well. Mgoun cut, big size prism beads ànd a gem stone lock; sacred!
Black nephrite (jade) is often referred to as an important tool for looking inward, it allows for honest self-evaluation and helps absorb unhealthy and destructive emotions. A talisman for following your own truth and protecting you from negatieve influences from the outside. We source our black nephrite from Wyoming in the USA.